Why We're Special

Black Shopping Center partners with Black merchants to sell quality products and services. In seeking partners, Black Shopping Center prioritizes on the everyday merchant, the mothers who make jewelry, the fathers who make apparel, the daughters who draw paintings, the sons who write fiction. Black people do many amazing things.

While we always hustle on our own to market and sell our inventions, using Etsy, Facebook, and Amazon, Black Shopping Center said, let's create a space where we can be seen and sell our products together. 

So, dear consumer, Black Shopping Center is a premier destination for Black products and services that could otherwise go unseen. When shopping with us, you are buying Black products, supporting Black businesses, and casting a vote for Black culture to win. The more we rise, the more products we can offer, the bigger we get, more Black businesses to choose from.

Thank you for coming here and joining us in our mission. If you have something to offer the world, email us at linkup@blackshoppingcenter.com!  

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